Welcome to Charlies Änglar – babysitting and child-minding service.

Charlies Änglar philosophy is that children should be safe and feel important also when mom or dad is not present. Therefore, we established, right from the start, a cooperation with one of Sweden’s most respected child/parent psychologist Malin Alfvén. 
All of our childminders receive continuous training and guidance in child pedagogy by Malin in order to be able to offer a service that is also appreciated by the children. Through the years Malin’s guidance has proven invaluable, not only for us and our childminders but also for the users of our services.

Charlies Änglar started in 2008 and is today one of the leading companies in customized and professional child-minding in the Stockholm area.

Charlies Änglar stand for high quality, safety and security for the whole family, focusing of course on the children.

Our services cover the pick up of children from kindergarten, school and after school centers and help with homework and babysitting. We can also drop off your children at their various free time activities and fetch them afterwards both during the day, in the, evening or at weekends. Our staff is well trained and committed and, needless to say, with a genuine interest in children.

Our philosophy is as natural as it is simple. All children that are entrusted to us shall always feel safe and well cared for. We live in a world where the hours of the day often seem too few, and our vision is to help your family.

Welcome to Charlies Änglar!

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Charlies Änglar offers a tailor made plan for all our customers.

  • Meaning that we start with a meeting where we listen to your familie´s
    specific needs and wishes.
  • We will then introduce you to a childminder who matches this.
  • After that, we recommend an acclimatization period adapted to your family and situation before we start our services according to the agreed schedule.
  • After an initial meeting we provide a quote on the number of hours and the arrangements to suit your family best.
  • When you as a customer buy household services in Sweden, you pay only half of the labor cost. Charlie’s Änglar will get the other half from the Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency). This applies up to a maximum amount of 50 000 SEK per person and year. Skatteverket will send you the confirmation of payment to us stating the sum in question.

Please contact us for individual quotations. No task is too big or too small for Charlies Änglar. Contact us: +46 (8) 501 260 55.


We at Charlie’s Änglar are very particular in our recruitment of staff. Experience with children and good references are basic demands to work with us. We only recruit persons who we feel have a natural connection with children. This means that many of our employees are already trained, or are in training, in areas relating to children, such as preschool, teachers, nurses etc. In accordance with the rules for municipal child-minding, we also request an extract from the police criminal records when hiring. All childminders speak Swedish, but we can also provide staff who speak other languages.


Our childminders receive ongoing guidance from Malin Alfvén, one of Swedens most recognized children’s and parent´s psychologists. Which means professional support when it comes to the children´s emotional and educational development. In order to provide the correct support, our childminders must have a solid understanding of children´s development and way of thinking. With Malin Alfvén on our team, we can give our childminders access to one of the leading experts in child psychology.

Malin has been in maternal and child health care for 25 years and we are very proud to have Malin in our network. We have continous meetings with Malin Alfvén together with our staff. During these meetings childminders are given the opportunity to discuss various situations, problems or issues which may have occured during their daily work.


Although it is rarely, if ever, anything more serious than to wipe off the dirt and to provide comfort after a minor accident, we want you as customers to know that all of our employees are also trained in safety and first aid for children. Among other things our safety training includes: Accidents to children, enhanced knowledge of how to prevent and/or handle injuries to all different age groups.

  • First Aid, training in prevention and handling of allergic reactions, bleeding, burns, drowning accidents, poisoning, sudden illnesses, crushing injuries, choking accidents, fall injuries and wounds.
  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, this includes knowledge in separating a mere choking from something more serious.

One of our most common assignments is to help families with pick up and / or drop off at Kindergarten or school. It could be one or several days a week, for a shorter or longer period. Experience has shown us that a pick at the nursery school, which can be very stressful, easiily may be turned into a fun moment of playtime before the family gathers at the dinner table.


We can be a supplementary resource in your home to help you ensure that you can cover all the needs of your child. One area of our professional help is school homework.


Instead of accepting various ad hoc local solutions, some of our customers choose to let us help to put together a summer program that covers the difficult periods. We offer you the services you need, within your limits. Your child will simply get a summer adult friend who can activate your child in a fun and stimulating way.


Daytime hourly rate from: SEK 179 (SEK 538 cost before tax credit).
Evening / weekend hourly rate from: SEK 199 ( SEK 398 cost before tax credit). Applies to evenings between 20:00 to 08:00 hours and all times at weekends.

Tax rules when buying household services in Sweden from July 1, 2009.
 When you as a customer buy household services in Sweden, you pay only half of the labor cost. Charlie’s Änglar will get the other half from the Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency). This applies up to a maximum amount of 50 000 SEK per person and year. Skatteverket will send you the confirmation of payment to us stating the sum in question. Please see the website of Skatteverket to read more about this tax credit. Charlie’s Änglar has an F-tax card

Minimum charge 3 hours. We bill our customers monthly.

Do you want to offer or receive child-minding through Charlie’s Änglar as a fringe benefit?

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